Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb

Department for Electronic Systems and Information Processing

Laboratory for Systems and Signals


Instructions and Download

  • Download the Netglub client - We packaged the client binaries for Microsoft Windows 7 64bit, you can download them here. For other systems, the source is available here.
    1. Connect to our server - Open the Netglub client (double click netglub.exe on Windows), enter the following data and click Ok: We suggest unchecking "Remember settings" due to a bug in Netglub client. In case you enter the wrong data, Netglub client will still remember it and get stuck trying to connect every time it runs, while resetting it isn't trivial.
    2. Search using some starting phrase(s) - An example scenario for searching is described step by step: Now all the entities (nodes in the graph) are scaled depending on the number of input edges. For example this makes nodes representing authors who wrote more articles or books larger compared to those who wrote less.

    Image 1. Search phrases

    Image 2. Selecting all nodes

    Image 3. Edge-weighted view