Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb

Department for Electronic Systems and Information Processing

Laboratory for Systems and Signals


Web Search and Results Visualization Automation

In scientific, educational and professional work we frequently search for information. Internet and web especially have brought the wealth of data, information and knowledge literally at our fingertips.

However, searching for state of the knowledge on any specific topic is usually performed as a consecutive sequence of searches in a number of on-line databases and manual sorting and correlation activities. The attempt is to identify the most likely source of relevant information for our task.

Usually, we use similar information sources in our search from one topic to another.

WeSeRV is a research project aimed at automating usual sequences of searching and combining the results in an intuitive way revealing correlations among authors, institutions, projects, events and data sources.

The result of WeServ is a web server and a desktop client based system. The client is user interface enabling to launch sequences of search activities as well as visualizing their results. The web server will provide and execute search scripts for most common data searches in most common data sources for books, research papers, conferences, projects and like.

Click here to read instructions and download the desktop client or here to learn about how to write and use your own search transforms.

WeSeRV is based on NetGlub.

Project members:

Project is performed in the Laboratory for Systems and Signals at the Department for Signals and Systems, at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Zagreb, and was premiered at „Knowledge in focus 2015“ conference on June 12th, 2015.